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We've Developed 3 'Pen and Paper' Goal Setting Canvases  
Science has proven that people who write goals down achieve more goalsWe made 3 different offline goal setting canvases to help you do just that. Print out the canvas that best fits your needs and pin them on your office wall to introduce your team to the noble art of goal setting. Invite your team to craft a goal driven strategy together... and discretely flaunt your own impeccable goal setting skills while you're at it

6 Tips to Help You Set Better Goals
Strategic goal setting is not easy, but incredibly powerful when you get it right. Here are the six steps to getting goal setting right. In (ridiculously) short, do this: write, cut up, focus, SMART(ify), map, and adjust... in that order. Become a goal setting master in no time

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Why Agile does not work in Germany. Luis Goncalves shares his personal experiences, saying the German economy still revolves around manufacturing, which has created silos between departments in all industries. Hierarchy is too strong, and everybody wants to be a manager. Companies want their products to be perfect before shipping, and they take years to build overly elaborate roadmaps, which just isn't Agile. It has worked well in the past, they say, so people don't usually see the need for change

Reaping the rewards from technology adoption. Capgemini proves that new technologies only increase productivity when combined with organizational change. Firms that invest in tech and have redesigned their organization outperform their peers. We're glad they've found the numbers to back up our suspicion. 
Firms with high levels of 'dexterity' are flexible in terms of their organizational design, allowing divisions to pivot in response to market opportunities. Turns out they flourish.

Choosing relevant KPIs on the road to success. Kevin Johnson states that using the wrong KPIs is worse than useless and can cripple your company, kindly referring to one of our own blog posts. Use KPIs that are relevant to your goal, and suitable to your specific industry. Also, don't use too many KPIs and consider using qualitative indicators to gauge success. And finally, prepare to adapt and switch KPIs to navigate changing environments.

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