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Transform Your To-Do List Into a KPI Driven Strategy
If marketing managers don't have a strategy, they get confused. But if they do have a strategy, their teams might get confused. This article explains how you can get your team to connect their operational tasks to strategy, effectively making them self-organizing. Just encourage them to always ask themselves "Why?".... until they hit the KPI. Oh, and if they cannot find a suitable KPI, their task is probably not worth doing.

Below is an example of how a client connected 'creating a web form' to 'increasing profitability', earlier this week. 

Find the Right KPIs in These 5 KPI Libraries. 
If you want to be successful, you need to define clear goals. And to know whether you’ve achieved your goals, you need to find an accurate way to measure results. Select your KPIs from these 5 libraries to experience what success tastes like

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Strategy, not tech, drives Digital Transformation. This hugely informative report by Deloitte explains which different barriers companies face as they go through three stages of digital maturity. Having too many priorities, however, is a challenge for organizations of all shapes and sizes. 

The Deloitte report also reads that to pursue full-blown organizational transformation and to improve innovation using digital, companies need to be highly digitally mature.

Agile Marketing is on the rise, or so it seems. Emarketer reports that one in five companies say they have a high adoption of Agile Marketing methods. Marketing departments are starting to iterate and respond more quickly to market signals. Sadly, the first focus of agile activities is almost exclusively external. Internally, we're still spending most of our time looking for spreadsheets that always magically disappear. 

CMOs need these skills to ace Digital Transformation. Nathan Sinnott says that in order to guide their business into the future, CMOs need to be able to take initiative, think out of the box, strategize ruthlessly, show MROI and communicate their big vision as if they were Martin Luther King. And those are just a couple of the competencies required, as listed in this article. It's a tough job... and the CMO's gotta do it

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