Boardview Insights #6

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Boardview will soon be connected to all your favorite apps! We are almost done connecting Boardview to Zapier, the world-leading tool to automate tasks between web apps. 

This integration enables you to exchange your Boardview goals and tasks with apps 
like Trello, Slack and Asana to make them actionable. As you keep working with the tools you're familiar with, you can now be certain that all your activities are aligned with strategy and add maximum value. 

Can't wait to connect Boardview to Zapier? We need next-gen marketers like you to test it. Drop us a line and request access to the invite-only environment. 

More Zapier news to come shortly. A bright future is upon you.

If you want to make today 'bright' as well, jump right back into the tool:

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A Simple Trick to Define Success and Become Successful.
87% say they could accomplish their individual objectives better if they'd have a better understanding of their firm's top priorities. That's huge!

Being able to cope with the complexity of today's business environments starts with getting goal setting right. Following last week's post on separating tasks from goals, we've designed a simple exercise you can do using just post-it notes; fill out the Definition-of-Success. Minimal time investment, maximum effect. 

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--- Curated top picks ---

From attracting website visitors to owning a Ferrari, basically. Myk Pono has written a customer acquisition blog post that's more thorough and elaborate than PayPal's terms and conditions. You'll be treated to his Customer Acquisition Framework linking content strategy, customer lifecycle and sales funnel. And you'll read about all other things this intro is too short for...

The building blocks of digital transformation. Dion Hinchcliffe teaches us how to make digital transformation happen. In short, connect the collective workforce by establishing shared values. Create tech platforms that facilitate community contribution and co-creation. Hack growth by supporting experimentation. And monetize using one or more of the numerous Internet Business Models. 

Strategic planning is essential, plans are not. Graham Kenny says navigating an unpredictable environment requires 'a different kind of plan'. A business strategy is not a travel itinerary. Look for guidance over control. Adjust your strategic plan monthly and update scheduled actions accordingly. Envision the future to generate preparedness, and always distinguish between individual and organizational level

Have a great day, and stay tuned for more Zapier goodness. 

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