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How we Crafted Our Own Marketing Strategy
At Boardview we use the Boardview tool (duhh) to define and visualize our strategy. We feel no shame admitting that new insights motivated us to “cut and redo” our strategy tree three times in just six months. Being on a steep learning curve means we furiously iterate towards our Big Hairy Goal. Here is the story of how we failed fast in the name of growth!
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The Most Effective Leadership Styles. The Australian Leadership Foundation explains how finding harmony between Team Autonomy and Leader Authority is the key to great leadership. Go 'High Team Autonomy' and 'Medium Leader Authority' to get the best results.

The Next Feature Fallacy. Andrew Chen reminds his readers that their next product improvement won't suddenly make it perfect. He explains how to balance impact and reach of new features, and in which cycle stage improvements have the most effect. Just by making things visual and factual, the solution to the problem emerges in front of you. We like.

Buffer Riding the Bumpy Road to Success. Another crystal clear and brutally honest article is about the recent layoffs at Buffer. Joel Gascoigne tells us how Buffer grew, why they were heading for disaster just one month ago, and what they've done to recover. This article confirms that successful new companies are not afraid to share what they've learned about actions and their consequences.

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