Boardview Insights #38

Hi there,

Does your marketing plan look like this? It's time to visualize your strategy. 

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Startup Metrics - Grow Your Business in a Calculated Way
You can calculate the value of referrals and the threshold for going viral with your content or product. Here is how.
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The true measure of success. This HBR article takes us through the steps needed to achieve success. Defining a governing objective, establishing cause and effect, planning activities and evaluating statistics.
The MarTech universe visualized. If you hadn't done so already, check out the Growthverse interactive MarTech vendor overview. It's an absolute classic
Deciders vs. critics. It's saver to be a critic, but deciders actually make progress in this world. A very short read, which for me underlines the importance of Agile.
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Exporting strategic goals to your task management tool

Driving strategy execution was never this easy. Use Zapier to export Boardview goals to task management tools, like Trello or Asana.

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