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When life is hard... improvise. Slowly iterate towards perfection. 

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Infographic - Working with SMART goals  

Not a blog post as such... but a more than decent one-page, step-by-step goal setting tutorial. 
From formulating SMART goals to crafting a goal-driven strategy. 

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Q&A on the dangers of poor strategy, and how to improve. Clearcode.cc has interviewed me, Frans Riemersma. I give my view on the role of MarTech in strategy planning and execution. 
Designing strategy machines. Man and machine must each play their own particular role in 'The Integrated Strategy Machine'. A supremely interesting article. 
Top 7 startup mistakes to avoid. A short but surprisingly complete list to glance over in less than a minute. Learn from others' mistakes whenever you can. 
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Three ways to manage agile tasks

To reach goals, keep close track of task completion. Create task backlogs, keep ToDo lists and/or add week numbers. Manage tasks your way.

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