Boardview Insights #31

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Are you sure your goals add value? Build a goal tree to find out. 

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Grow confidence in your team 

Team members can now assign confidence levels to goals. Simply move the slider. See how confident your team is about reaching goals and achieving strategy. Know when to take corrective actions. 


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We've built a KPI library

Inspiring goals require suitable KPIs. To accompany the drop-down KPI list you find in the renewed Boardview goal card, we've made an easy to navigate, searchable KPI database. 
--- Curated top picks ---
The Agile landscape. There is a lot of jargon surrounding Agile. This impressive infographic by Deloitte helps you navigate the maze of terms. 
The CMO as company growth driver. CMOs aren't just brand ambassadors. They are expected to advance the bottom line. 

A large percentage of the Board has 'high expectations' for marketing to be a growth driver...
5 reasons why A.I. will transform marketing. Customers demand personalized experiences, which soon become too complex for humans to process. Embracing artificial intelligence is the only way to preserve time for strategy.  
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