Boardview Insights #30

Hi there,

Merry Christmas... or Feliz Natal! 

Wrapping up for the holidays, and having sent out 30 editions of Boardview Insights, it's time to reflect. 
We need to thank you for your enthusiasm... and for helping us reach one of our goals. You consistently opened this newsletter way more often than the industry benchmark indicates. Goal achieved. 
We promise to make 2017 even better. Exciting things to come in January. Keep you posted, if you keep clicking.
Thanks again, and see you next year! 

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5 Classic Goal Management Methods Examined
There are many ways to set and manage goals. We selected 5 popular ones for a closer look; MBO, OGSM, SMART, KPI and OKR. Take the 5-minute crash course. 
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Are extremely difficult, novel goals right for you? The full HBR article is definitely worth your time, but this graph tells the bulk of the story. 
Management thinking in 2017. Deloitte elaborately explains why future organizations will be networks of teams. 
And they emphasize how reinventing your organization requires agile performance processes.
7 ways CMOs can build value with digital. To reap the benefits of digital in the real world, and to really become their companies' growth engine, CMOs need to embrace these imperatives. 

Now embrace 1 way to build value with goal-setting...
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