Boardview Insights #26

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Introducing The Goal Setting Maturity Model
Only 7% of employees fully understand their company's business goals and strategies. Our 5 maturity levels will help you improve your enterprise-wide goal setting skills.
Turn Success Quotes Into Concrete Action
Famous quotes inspire but they don’t tell you how to create your own success. Here’s a list of 19 great quotes and which concrete tasks to perform to succeed.

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CEOs are working on sharing their leadership skills. HBR discovered
which of their skills CEOs want to improve most. Turns out teaching other people to behave like them is high on their wish list.

But just one third of CEOs receive any coaching themselves...

Negotiation styles around the world. Following the success of last week's 'leadership styles', here's another visualization of 'communication patterns'. 

5 crucial competencies of self-management. Aside of the more obvious competencies, taking initiative, tolerating ambiguity, an entrepreneurial consciousness, low power distance sensitivity, and a contribution mindset are essential for self-management.

Manage your goals to manage yourself...

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