Boardview Insights #24

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Focus. Find your goal and go after it. 

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Build a Superior Content Marketing Strategy - Use This Template
We analyzed 10 popular content marketing templates, revealed 31 different elements and condensed them into one master template.
How to Create Marketing Accountability - 5 Crucial Steps
Marketing accountability makes CEOs happy. Here are 5 important steps to create accountability and realize favorable marketing ROI, consistently.

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Your MarTech stack is bigger than you think it is. Ghostery has found a way to map the many technologies that make up your company's martech stack. You may think you use about 5 different tools, but you'll soon discover it's closer to 25. 

Measuring how well Digital Marketers measure. Doing digital marketing right requires rigorous tracking of customer behavior. Companywide testing is essential but uncommon, even for digitally mature companies. 

So there's work to be done to improve on these three goals...

4 misperceptions of self-management. This beautiful article reveals why self-management does not mean 'no structure' or 'no leadership', that it isn't about empowerment or equality, and that self-management is far beyond the experimental stage. 

Now show yourself your goal-setting is far beyond the experimental stage...

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