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There are no traffic jams along the extra mile... taken to another level. 

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Scrum Company is launching a new 2-day training (Nov. 24th, 30th) where participants learn how Agile and Scrum can transform their marketing organization. Part of the course is about making marketing goals agile with Boardview.

Read more here (Dutch): http://www.scrumcompany.nl/agile-marketing-training/ 

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9 Stats That Prove Strategy Execution is Difficult, and How to Improve
The numbers show leaders struggle to execute strategy. Here’s why all 9 challenges interconnect and how to align strategy execution organization-wide.
11 Characteristics of Good KPIs
Good leaders define their KPIs with great care. Here’s how to properly construct KPIs and how to gather reliable input data to breed company success.

--- Curated top picks ---

The Chain of Strategy Hypothesis. KPIs aren’t for measuring performance, but for testing strategic hypotheses. This comprehensive framework helps you to evolve formulation and planning strategy in response to market signals gathered during execution.

The content marketing checklist... checklist. Here's a copious number of checklists to help you navigate the thinking, planning, doing, and improving stage of your content marketing operation, all in one place. 

Are you guilty of practicing dirty agile? This table brilliantly shows what separates salon agilists from real agilists. 

Now show yourself you're a real agilist... 

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