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Increasing Marketing Team Productivity - 6 Ways to Stop Distractions
How many notifications a day is too much? Here are six ways to effectively shield yourself from a notification overdose, so you can remain focused and keep up team productivity.
The Difference Between Agile Development and Agile Marketing

Agile marketing works. But beware… it is different from agile development in its practical execution. Understanding the differences between the two is crucial for achieving agile marketing success.

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Marketing technologist; probably the best job in the world This anecdote we put on LinkedIn has been turning some heads lately. Strange how riding through Laos on a mountain bike can remind you of the essence of being a marketer. 

Aligning the organization for its digital future Only half of the companies that think their business will be (greatly) disrupted by digital trends are adequately preparing for it. Here's an elaborate report on how to put your company in the favorable half.

For starters, develop a clear vision and sound strategy...
And craft a collaborative, nimble company culture.

10 Steps to Serious Goal-Getting One person with a commitment is worth a hundred who only have an interest. Commit to your goals, and take 9 further steps to achieve your goals.

Ready to prepare for digital transformation and achieve your goals? Hop right back into the tool:
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