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One week's worth of insights in the shape of 200 words. Life doesn't have to be so hard. It's Boardview Insights.

Grow your strategy in the shape of a simple goal tree. Hop right back into the tool: 


--- Recent posts --- 
5 Simple Tricks to Groom Your Marketing Goals and Strategy
Achieve ambitious strategies by breaking down big goals into smaller objectives. Use these goal grooming tricks to make your goals supremely actionable and to make strategy execution a breeze

8 Killer Social Media Management Strategy Templates
Tie Facebook likes to the bottom line. Here’s a quick and convenient list of the most popular social media strategy templates out there. Learn how to add measurable business value in everything you do on social

--- Curated top picks ---

5 strategy execution myths debunked. An almost overly complete article on cross departmental goal alignment, agile strategy execution and the dangers of performance culture. All five subchapters could have been articles in themselves. It's brilliant

Stats show that while resources are scarce, there's often room for non-strategic initiatives...

Questions successful content strategists should answer. This short text reminds you to always ask yourself what success looks like, and how your content impacts the bottom line. Spend time asking the right questions and answers will follow

The periodic table of marketing signals. We've saved the best for last. In essence, it's a skillfully categorized marketing KPI database in one overview. Prepare to look ridiculous to your colleagues as you pump your fists to celebrate you just found this gem. And then have a couple of minutes to yourself

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