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'Creating SMART Goals' Made Easy
Formulating SMART goals looks deceivingly simple... until you try to actually write one. The reason: trying to formulate just one SMART goal in isolation is futile. Context is king. Ask "Why? So I can..." to create the right context and make SMART goal setting effortless. 

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Strategy Formulation Demystified - Two Definitions of 'Strategy'
'Are we not speaking the same language?' Well, chances are you actually aren't. Distinguish between Management Strategy and Execution Strategy to breeze through strategy meetings from now on. 

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--- Curated top picks ---

The importance of content 'experience'. Überflip warns us not to 'serve piña coladas in a garbage dump'. Their four pillar diagram helps you choose the right content marketing software, so you can build a MarTech stack that meets your unique needs.

How to create and deploy effective metrics. An elaborate report on KPIs by TDWI reveals that only half of KPIs align with strategic objectives, and just one in four employees understands their company's KPIs. So there's room for improvement

Redefining customer centric innovation. Do you produce what the customer actually wants? Strategyzer explains how they helped a client to systematically prioritize projects, to listen to their customer more, and to rediscover why they are doing their job

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