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Getting attention is hard. Align marketing activities in a goal tree, to maximize impact.

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12 Tools to Integrate Your MarTech Stack
Tool integration is the next big step in MarTech. Learn how to let customer data flow, and boost team collaboration in your marketing technology stack. Integration deserves your attention.

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The competing forces shaping 2030. This PwC report features statistics and qualitative expectations of our world, 12 years on. Cognitive-enhancing drugs will be commonly used, while full-time permanent employment will be very rare, apparently.

The vast majority of people is excited or confident about the future of work...
38% of jobs in the US are at risk of automation, while in Japan it's less...
The ROI of B2B marketing. A shocking 44.3% of B2B marketers isn't sure about the Return on Investment of their activities. Of those that do dare to estimate, 23.9% say their ROI is 1x at best, while 29.3% say their ROI is more than 2x.
Planning isn't the enemy of Agile. In Agile Planning, autonomous squads come together in alignment meetings, making sure their efforts together contribute to strategic enterprise goals. Based on hard and soft data, plans can change weekly.

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