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Data is everywhere. Generating powerful insights can get addictive.

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The 6 Worst Excuses To Avoid Strategic Change
Strategic transformation is intimidating. Popular excuses to stick with the old are frequently logically unsound. Here’s why, and how to move forward.

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The 4 Forces of Marketing Operations & Technology. We're impressed by the below graph, and the article it is featured in. The goal is to balance and re-balance opposing objectives to fit a continuously changing environment. 
Steps taken prior to buying MarTech. As it turns out, holding an informal discussion about requirements is almost 50% more common than formal requirement assessments. Also, setting internal KPIs for new tech is quite uncommon.
Three ways to argue. Telling someone why they're wrong and why you're right creates an unnecessary psychological power hierarchy. Instead, present a "different perspective" and leave space for those in power to decide for themselves.

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