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How to Action Strategy Day-to-Day for Team Engagement 
Are you guilty of “setting and forgetting” strategic goals? A marketing team that understands how their day-to-day activities relate to wider strategic vision will be more engaged, stable and invested.

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The value of unifying creativity and analytics. Too much quantitative analysis kills creativity, is what many marketers used to think. This McKinsey report compares the performance of "integrators", "isolators" and "idlers".

Isolators double their revenue growth rate by uniting data and creativity...
Integrators score higher on CX, but similar on creative use of media...

"Data vs Goliath" - research report. Forbes has researched how companies cope with technology-driven disruption. As it turns out, the key to remaining competi-tive is making the most of customer data. The title of the report isn't bad either.

The majority of companies face high risk from technology-driven disruption...
What does becoming a data-driven company mean to you? 
Which outcomes do you want to achieve with customer data initiatives? 
How virtual teams collaborate successfully. A study of half a million Drop-box projects reveals 5 best practices, such as: involving few collaborators, increasing same-team-collaborations, and sharing workload equally. Fascinating.

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