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Behind every great marketing performance is a great tech infrastructure. Always keep your MarTech stack up to date. 

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5 Tricks to Groom Your Marketing Goals and Strategy
Ready to achieve big goals and ambitious strategies? Break down your goals into smaller objectives. Start using 5 goal grooming tricks.

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The Future Marketer Is a Hybrid. The range of skills associated with MarTech roles are insanely diverse. This article argues that ideal candidates shouldn't be called Unicorns, but Chimeras, who possess a strange but fantastic set of skills.
Automation And The Future of The Workforce. By 2030, artificial intelligence will have drastically changed which skills are in demand. This McKinsey report lists which capabilities you need.

Technological skills, and social and emotional skills will become more important...
European and US companies will solve the upcoming skills mismatch differently...
The Three Types of Problems in The World. A short but informative article on how to delineate different sorts of problems, from following a recipe to raising a child. It also features this supremely informative scheme.
Whatever problem you're facing, visualizing goals is a great first step. Go the app:

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