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An (overly) impressive slogan will only get you so far. Set clear business goals first.

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The Most Popular MarTech Tools In 2018 - Research Results
Always wondered which marketing technology tools other companies are using? We did the maths and compared last year’s stacks to this year’s. It’s all the info you need to create the perfect stack yourself.

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MarTech Landscape Supergraphic 2018. In case you missed it, Scott Brinker revealed this year's version of the most famous graphic in MarTech. Also notice the shout-out to Boardview in the martech "long tail" part. What a sight! 
CMOs are getting better at measuring ROI. For years, no more than 40% of CMOs could prove their short term impact quantitatively. Today, no less than half of all CMOs can. And even "long term impact" is at an all time high. Cheers to that.
Leadership = Selling Your Ideas. Leaders sell ideas to employees, who execute ideas for them. Although it doesn't involve a product or an invoice, leader-ship ís about generating sales, in a way. It's a short read with a refreshing message.

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