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Not sure if your actions add value? Always align tasks with business goals. 

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Switch to Agile: 9 Convincing Change Management Arguments
Use agile to execute your strategy and reach goals. Agile embeds 9 Change Management techniques, which are following human nature. Agile is in our DNA.

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2017 Global CMO study. SiriusDecisions published a report that shows how marketers plan to support company growth objectives.

Top priorities influencing marketing strategy are...
Barriers to measuring marketing's contribution are...
The right innovation methods at the right time. Different popular innovation models like Design Thinking and Lean Startup all have a slightly different focus. This graph describes which model to use in which innovation stage.
Strategy as an adjusting hypothesis. Better strategy execution begins with learning from data obtained through execution. Executives should actively seek early signs of gaps between results and plans, and adjust strategy accordingly.

Build your own visual, hypothesis-driven marketing strategy. Hop back into the tool:

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