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When nothing seems to make sense, switch your perspective. Find your focus. 

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The DNA of a Trustworthy KPI
There are 14 essential attributes of a KPI you need to specify and maintain to make them reliable for your decision-making.

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A sense of urgency versus a sense of purpose. Artificially creating a sense of urgency wears off very quickly. Boost engagement by creating a sense of purpose. Teams will deliver high quality output on time, simply because they want to
The Double Diamond revamped. His article features a superb graphic that helps creative thinkers to structure design challenges. There is an explanation to each section in the graphic, from problem discovery to product delivery.
An overview of new C-suite titles. As digital transformation and tech initiatives take center stage, new leadership skills are required. This article features a glossary of C-suite titles that fall outside the traditional leadership roles.

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