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A stellar work ethic won't necessarily bring success. Review your goals periodically. 

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Goal Management Methods - A 5-minute Crash Course on 5 Classics
There are many ways to set goals and to manage goals. We selected 5 popular ones for a closer look; MBO, OGSM, SMART, KPI and OKR.

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Systems Thinking in Modern Businesses. This article describes what Systems Thinking is, and why learning to work with a "dynamic, chaotic, interconnected array of relationships and feedback loops” is so important.
Human Capital in the digital age. According to this report, HR has a critical role in getting companies to enter the digital age. Acknowledging the growing gaps between tech, individuals, businesses and public policy is a crucial first step. 
Technology: Much More Than Just A ‘What?’ When you're considering to use a new technology offering, don't just consider 'what' it is. This article explains how to answer why, who, where, when, and how questions... to evaluate tech better. 

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