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New is scary, but postponing innovation is dangerous too. Renew your strategy today

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Goal-Setting - How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes
Save 20%-40% of your operational marketing resources. Start aligning your strategic goals with tactical and operational objectives. Avoid these 5 mistakes.

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Scaling Agile Report 2017. Ever more businesses are scaling agile practices across their enterprises. This report features plenty of graphs on the perceived benefits and challenges of scaling agile

40% report they have a (very) strong understanding (8/9/10) of what scaling agile means... 
Roadblocks to scaling agile are...
Scaling agile has the most impact on (rank 1-5)...
Managing customer success to reduce churn. 80% of revenue might come from renewals and upsell. This article gives a nice overview of what popular sources say about customer success. And it features this enjoyable graph...
The 4 futures of CMOs. The growing need for integrated experiences has created new roles like Chief Digital Officer and Chief Experience Officer. What's left for CMOs? They need to step up to drive enterprise-wide transformation... or perish

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