Boardview Insights #63

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Do you communicate radical organizational changes well enough? 

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Build Traction With Your Strategy. Map Your Goals on 4 Levels
Prioritize your goals during your coffee break. Label your goals as visionary, effectiveness, efficiency or sprint goals. Smell your strategy rubber hitting the road.

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Achieving Balance In Business - Keep Moving. Don't expect change management programs to escort you to a new status quo. Instead, ride continuos waves of disruption. Do three things: change how you understand, feel and act.   
Report 2017: Aligning projects with strategy. PMI's report on strategy implementation features plenty of interesting graphs. 

Ill-defined objectives and milestones is the most common cause for project failure...
Aligning projects with strategy increases chances of success drastically...
Fortunately, the success rate of projects has gone up since last year...
Roger Federer and the art of agile. This article describes how the tennis legend used agile to achieve success. There are 4 important takeaways to improve your business strategy. 

A fifth takeaway could have been to 'always align goals'. Hop back into the tool...

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