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This year 1000s of marketers will become insignificant because of stubbornness. Embrace agile.

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4 Benefits of Managing Your MarTech Stack Like an Ecosystem
Marketing departments will soon manage their technology stack like eco-systems of connected apps. This finally brings them agility, efficiency, resiliency and more revenue.
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The MarTech buying process. Choosing the wrong tech will get you in trouble. This report features plenty of graphs about how buying decision are made

Departments typically involved in the MarTech buying process are...
Prior to beginning the procurement process, the following steps are taken...
10 differences between classic and digital marketing. An easy-to-consume graph to refresh your knowledge about how yesterday's marketing is different from today's
Keeping strategy meetings focused. Focusing on short-term problems instead of long-term opportunities is tempting. To improve, detach operational meetings from strategic ones, and explore ideas before looking for solutions.  

And... let your Goal Tree guide your strategy meetings. Hop back into the tool...

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