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Are things less predictable than expected? Create an agile strategy to stay focused

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3 Agile Marketing Tweaks to Improve The Daily Stand-Up

In Agile Marketing, the ‚ÄúDaily Stand-Up‚ÄĚ is not always done¬†daily, and not always done¬†standing up. But how do Agile marketers meet?

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How to live with risk. Don’t only try to prevent operating and financial reporting risk, but focus on strategy. Teach employees how to make decisions in risky situations and pick the right portfolio of risky projects to increase market value. 
The greatest management challenge of the 21st century. Martech is changing faster than companies. Going agile helps, but once in a while you'll need a disruptive 'reset' to leap frog to a new baseline on the tech curve. 
From 'doing marketing' to marketing the business. An interview on the importance of viewing marketing as a means to drive business growth. It changes what CMOs do, what they measure and how they communicate their value. 

Visualizing your strategy helps you drive growth. Hop right back into the tool...

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