Boardview Insights #100

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We've reached a milestone: 100 editions of Boardview Insights. 

Over the past 2.5 years, we featured 113 of our own blog posts and curated hundreds of articles on Agile Marketing, Goal Setting and MarTech.

From the next edition onwards, we'll use a different format. Stay tuned. 

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How To Speed Up Marketing Transformation
Over the past decade, we’ve been involved in 200+ MarTech projects, and asked marketers about their experiences. Here is how to align the three Marketing Transformation pillars: Strategy, Team and Technology.

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The average age of successful startup founders. As it turns out, young founders like Gates, Jobs and Bezos are highly uncommon, even in tech. High-growth companies are most often founded around middle age. What a relief!
The challenge of utilizing your MarTech. The number of MarTech tools has evolved quicker than marketers' ability to use them. With plenty of tools available, the next challenge is to find the talent that can utilize these tools to reach company goals

Only half of marketers say their use of tech has evolved as rapidly as the tech itself...
Between continents, large differences exist for the availability and usage of tools...
Why marketing analytics hasn’t lived up to its promise. The effect of analytics on company performance is still modest. This article lists how to change that. First define what to do, thén collect the data you need to do it, among other tips.

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