Rolling Strategy


Co-create an always up-to-Date strategy 
Set up a future-proof strategy in-1-Day and...


Your team members know how they drive value

Your CEO knows how you achieve success

What can a rolling strategy do for me?


 Please call me for an informal 15-minute chat



After the workshop you will have established a...


Clear and visual path to value creation

Ready-to-present strategy map for management

Hands on activity roadmap for the team

Business justification to get buy-in from your CFO

Correct set of KPIs to measure success

Alignment across the team

An engaged team that owns results



1 day workshop

1 consultant

1 room

Up to 10 participants


Learn how to...


Run a rolling strategy

Find a compelling BHAG

Define SMART goals

Use the Definition of Success

Create a cascading Goal Tree (growth map)

Update your strategy weekly

Break down your strategy into quarterly goals

Break down a quarterly goals into weekly tasks