Flexible Tech


Build your own Martech stack overview
Visualize your marketing tools in-1-Day and...


Align your MarTech with marketing functions

Know where to optimize and integrate next

What can a MarTech overview do for me?


 Please call me for an informal 15-minute chat



After the workshop you will have...


A complete overview of your marketing tools

Tools allocated to marketing functions

Identified where gaps and overlaps exist

Identified pockets of data silos

Found duplication of efforts

Developed a MarTech roadmap

An engaged team that owns results



1 consultant

1 month of business prototyping

80 hours of our MarTech power at your fingertips


Learn how to...


Allocate functions and tools

Keep your MarTech stack up to date

Drive user adoption

Integrate your stack with Zapier, IFTTT and Mulesoft