Engaged teams


Boost productivity with Agile Marketing
Learn the Agile Marketing basics in-1-Day and...


Discover what Agile Marketing can do for you

Start using the agile technique that suits your team

What can Agile Marketing do for me?


 Please call me for an informal 15-minute chat



After the workshop you will have...


A clear understanding of Agile and Scrum techniques

An idea how to boost effectiveness and efficiency

Done a handful of agile exercises

Hand picked your preferred agile techniques

Identified a pilot project to start with today



1 day workshop

1 consultant

1 room

Up to 10 participants


Learn how to...


Set up a sprint

Create a backlog

Prioritize activities

Manage a KanBan board

Run a stand up, retrospective, weekly update, etc.

Use the Definition of Done and Definition of Success

Break down your strategy into quarterly goals

Distinguish the 6 differences between Agile Development and Agile Marketing