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Hasse Jansen, 29 Apr '16

Willingly falling prey to Product Hunters

A week ago, thousands of hungry beasts were on a product hunt, out to score the best visual marketing strategy tool ever.

They were determined to quench their marketing growth thirst, and indeed left very well hydrated. We just got out of beta and ran straight into the claws of a sizable herd of tech predators.

Accompanied by about 30 more defenseless prey passing through the valley that day, many of you keenly identified Boardview as the most nutritious. From down in the valley, the peak in website traffic we experienced sure looked impressive.

Upon seeing us listed on Product Hunt, one user immediately took action, signed up and started filling out goals. She started out with a parent goal, putting a stick in the ground as a point of reference around which to add supporting goals. But, she soon realized what she thought was the main goal was actually a sub-goal.

“While putting in each smaller goal and having to build the tree, it became apparent that what I had thought the main goal was, was really part of a bigger goal.”

This is exactly why we built Boardview. Enabling people to see where they might have gotten their priorities mixed up and making it easy to align them properly. Connecting strategy to operations and boardroom to scrum board, and vice versa.

Another hunter read our minds saying:

Would be nice to have some goal templates/suggestions to help get users started.”

We think so too! We’re working on it as you are reading this. The template library we have in mind will take goal setting to the next level. Stay tuned!

Yet another hunter confessed she’s afraid of wasting time putting elaborate goals in a Boardview tree when team members might not be ready to follow in her footsteps, saying:

Uploading my marketing plan into it feels like it'd be a lot of work and I don't want to spend a bunch of time doing that then not have other team members use it and it not be useful.”

We totally get that. We have collected plenty of ‘marketing plan traumas’ of ourselves too, in our previous endeavors.

In true agile fashion, the trick when drawing up your strategy is to start small and to iteratively shape and refine goals with your team as you go along. When you routinely improve goals taking into account the bigger picture, large waste is a thing of the past. You can become the confident marketer you always wanted to be.

A big thanks goes out to the Product Hunt team and to Bram Kanstein for submitting Boardview.

And to the generous number upvoters and visitors, we’re glad we looked so tasty. Being prey never felt so good. Thanks!