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Definition of Success
Frans Riemersma, 06 Jul '16

One Simple Goal Setting Trick to Become Really Effective

Lack of clarity prevents your team from over-performing. One sentence on a Post-it note is all it takes to give your team crystal clear strategic goals.

"My marketing team has so much potential, but just lacks the objectives and tools", I recently heard the CMO of an international Internet company say.

As a manager you want to achieve your targets. To make that happen, you’ll need a team that’s fully focused on achieving their own targets, so you can achieve yours.

But how can you achieve that? How can you create a fully focused team, eager to over-perform?

Well, let’s start by getting the problem straight. These numbers pretty much sum up where the difficulties lie, and thus where growth opportunities reside.

  • 87% of employees “indicate they could have better accomplished their individual objectives if they had been provided with a clear understanding of the organization’s plan”
  • Two thirds of senior managers can’t name their firms’ top priorities, and neither can their team!

Having a hardworking team is bliss, but if they don’t know where they’re going… you’re not going anywhere. If the right working attitude is there, you’ll just have to create focus to see results. Here’s a another clue:

  • 71% of goals are incomplete, leaving your team behind all confused.

It’s time to create some clarity. It’s time to eliminate the stress over not reaching targets –whether it is because you don’t know what the targets are, or because your team does not know how to reach them.

It is time to use the Definition-of-Success to get everybody aligned, working hard toward achieving crystal clear goals.

Conquer complexity... using post-it notes

Today’s business environments are complex and confusing. They have a way of distracting us away from pursuing the bigger goals.

It’s hard enough to scrape different sorts of data from numerous different systems and spreadsheets. But it is downright intimidating to have to keep an overview of ‘what all these numbers mean’, as you present updated results and reports to management, hoping they won’t ask too many questions.

Surrounded by technology that can handle, give or take, five gazillion calculations per second, the solution is surprisingly simple. Use paper instead.

Get post-it notes and get your strategy clear, once and for all. Start right. Start completing the Definition of Success, and things will soon fall into place. You’ll finally be able to tell how that one presentation relates to that other spreadsheet.

Definition of Success: learn once, use forever

Equip your team with basic goal setting skills. Here is an ‘old school’ recipe that’s more relevant than ever. Fill in one post-it note for every commercial goal you pursue. You don’t need a degree in computer science. Anyone can do it. Just use the Definition of Success to channel your thoughts.

Simple exercise – impressive results

Clients who used the Definition of Success improved their goal setting capabilities greatly! Some pretty impressive results have been achieved, such as 300% profitability increase in 30 days.

We have zillions of real-life examples from customers. Here are three ‘random picks’ of customers’ goal definitions before and after using the Definition-of-Success. Goal setting has just become a simple fill in exercise. We provide the logic; you make it specific to your company - Boom! Results.

Goal Example 1 – Top of mind

Definition of Success DoS Boardview Top of Mind

Goal Example 2 – Brand Health

Definition of Success DoS Boardview Brand Health

Goal Example 3 – Grow footprint

Definition of Success DoS Boardview Grow Footprint

Become 'the definition of success’ yourself

Fill out the Definition of Success and a bright future lies upon you. Complete this simple exercise to set yourself aside from the many that don’t structure their goal setting. Take your ToDo list or list of targets for this month, and complete the routine for every goal you want to achieve.

Fill out:

  • As a…
  • I want to…
  • So I can…
  • I aim for…
  • Before…
  • Targeting…
  • Concerning…

Do it every time you discuss or set up a goal during meetings. You’ll soon start to achieve your targets on a regular basis, and you’ll be able to explain to colleagues exactly how you did it. So you’ll look good, on a regular basis.

Want to know how you can structure the individual goals you just defined to form a harmonious whole? Here’s how to build a Goal Tree!