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Hasse Jansen, 15 Jun '16

How to Up Your Marketing Game From Order-Taker to Deal-Maker

In a chaotic marketing world, whomever can keep a view of the bigger picture gets to give orders and closes deals. The last order you'll ever take:  build a Growth Map. Become a deal-maker.

We all know the world of marketing is fast-paced, always changing, and frequently stressful. You’ll soon feel like you have too many responsibilities that you’re trying to juggle all at once. Before you’ve completed one project, someone else comes in with a new task they want you to work on; inevitably it is of even higher priority than your previous super priority…

This frustrating reactive mode, in which you are constantly taking orders and never able to focus your full attention to a single project, is hardly the most effective. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be like this. With the right planning and the right tools, you can change your role from order-taker to deal-maker and create much more effective marketing solutions for your company. Here’s how.

Looking at the big picture

As a marketer, one of your greatest challenges is to actually show how activities create value for your company. Thankfully, modern analytics tools have made it easier than ever before to accurately track the leads and sales that each marketing campaign contributes. The information is available, now you only have to tie all of it together to get a view of the bigger picture.

One of the best methods to select, justify and track your marketing efforts is to create a Growth Map. It shows how different tactics contribute to your company’s overall growth. This way, when a colleague asks you to do something, you can see whether or not it contributes to company growth by looking at your Growth Map.

If the requested work doesn’t fit, you won’t only be able to unashamedly say ‘no’—you’ll also be able to provide a more effective alternative. On the other hand, if your Growth Map shows the request does actually add to company growth, you can add it in and prioritize your efforts accordingly.

Transparency grows your confidence and their trust

A Growth Map brings transparency; it shows others in your company how a particular marketing effort contributes to sales and leads, or demonstrates why a particular tactic was ineffective. This transparency builds trust and will help you get additional budget for future marketing efforts. Even when one of your marketing efforts falls flat, this transparency allows you to show others what you learned and how you plan to improve in the future.

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As you consistently demonstrate transparency and proactivity in your work, you will gain the trust of others in your company, and they will follow you in your decisions.

Build a Growth Map – build your career

Gain the insights you need and start taking full control of marketing by building a Boardview Growth Map for free. If you don’t feel quite ready, even a simple exercise—such as building your own off-line Growth Map with Post-it notes—can help you better visualize which parts of your marketing are most successful.

The only way to become more than just an order-taker is to build a Growth Map that will allow you to analyze what works and what doesn’t, and explaining this vital information to others. You can be more effective yourself and point out to others how they can be as well. As you use your newly gathered insights to proactively develop plans that demonstrably contribute to the growth of your company, you can stop being an order-taker.

Now go and take your last order ever: build a Growth Map. Be a deal-maker.

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