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Hasse Jansen, 08 Apr '16

A loooong list of Beta(list) testers!

We have been featured on Betalist, the holy grail of beta testing sites! After an already generous number of testers flocked in via Betapage and Betabound two weeks ago, this just takes the cake.

We have been trending on Betalist for 3 days and got more than double the number of testers predicted by some Betalist vets. What a beautiful sight. I got a poster of it above my bed. Might get it tattooed on my back later.

Boardview tredning on betalist screenshot

Based on the ‘reasons to join’ we received from the earlier Betapage and Betabound beta subscribers, we adjusted the header text on our homepage from “Define Your Marketing Success” to “Visualize Your Marketing Strategy”. It is the first concrete adjustment based on beta test insights, and there are many more to come.

Without any reminders or further encouragement, we’ve seen more than 50% of the early adopters playing around in the tool already. Half of you are becoming dead serious about it; you couldn’t resist coming back for another (and another) dose of Boardview.

Who’s testing?

Quite a broad variety of people signed up for the beta test. Two thirds of the Early Access subscribers kindly explained why they chose to test Boardview.

Without asking for any specific information, these are the results:

22% mentioned they are a startup themselves.

15% are planning to use Boardview not only for their own company, but also want to implement it at their clients’ companies. How great is that?!

Reasons for signing up

Marketers signed up for the beta test for various reasons.

Most beta testers like to use Boardview to drive growth. Others want to use it to plan their strategy. They want to get a view of the bigger picture and be able to prioritize goals. Some mentioned the desire to manage and track tasks, and yet others said proving marketing ROI is their main motivation for using Boardview.

These are the numbers on sign up motivation:

  • Manage Growth - 39%
  • Prioritize Goals - 29%
  • Track tasks - 18%
  • Measure ROI - 13%

This is what a selection of beta testers said. Details that could reveal the identity of the individual or company have been altered.

“I use a combination of tools to plan, manage and communicate strategy. Becomes annoying. I've been looking for a visual tool specifically built for marketing. “

“I run my own agency and we would love to use this as a visual tool to onboard clients and to help our own marketing. We do complex plays and this looks like it could make it easier to manage.”

“I am responsible for sales and marketing for a mid-size consulting company and I am struggling to get a clear and easy to follow planning view of our marketing efforts.”

“I'm a marketing manager, would love to have a nice overview on our activities and results.”

“I'm an innovation leadership consultant. I work with companies to create new revenue streams and achieve innovative culture. I'd like to learn more to evaluate your solution that might be a fit to a customer profile and needs.”

“I run a marketing agency and always looking for new tools to visualize and plan strategy for our clients. Your tool looks great.”

“I work for an inbound marketing agency and we are working on being more agile in our monthly sprints with our clients. Right now we are using spreadsheets for a backlog and sprint planning, but this tool seems like it could help us keep our clients focused on what's the most valuable course of action.”

“As a project manager and online marketer, this would be of great value to our clients to "visually" roadmap their marketing strategies. Along with seeing how impactful our campaigns are with metrics.”

“I own a software & marketing company. I just came by your product and would love to try it. Seems like the perfect tool for us. We are currently working with a political party, making all the community management for candidates, and this tool would be perfect for us.”

“I'd be really interested in how this could help me and my clients have a good overview in what we're trying to achieve with marketing, because we sometimes get a question beforehand about exactly what we're doing that's gonna help them get more revenue.”

“My job is to build the marketing plan and I am sure it brings value to the company. From what I understand, your tool allows to connect every activity and monitor the global plan... I want that! :)”

“We are an inbound marketing agency and need to prove value in our marketing efforts to CEOs.”

“We are building a startup, and would like to visualize and better organize our marketing and product development strategy.”

“I've been looking for a tool like this to visually structure an outcome focused marketing strategy across our clients.”

Our next steps are to gather even more feedback from testers, continue working on tutorials and videos for onboarding, implement final changes to the product, and getting ready for the product hunters.

More good stuff to come.