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Goal Setting
Hasse Jansen, 26 Jul '16

6 Tips to Help You Set Better Goals

Strategic goal setting is not easy, but incredibly powerful when you get it right. Here are the six steps to getting goal setting right. Craft your very own goal-driven strategy. 

When it comes to achieving solid results for your business, there are few activities that have a better ROI than setting goals. If you’ve got just two hours to spend today, spend them on setting goals. Goal-setting brings insight and focus. It increases motivation to achieve the best results and can increase employee satisfaction by 30%.

How Do I Set Better Goals?

Of course, trying to come up with high-quality goals that will help you achieve these levels of success is sometimes easier said than done. There are millions of possible goals you can set, and far too many companies set less-than-effective goals.

Simply creating a yearly plan that is signed off and then left unchanged and untouched until the next year comes around is pretty much common practice. But that this approach doesn’t work is pretty much common knowledge.

Effective strategy execution is a dynamic process that cannot be scheduled rigidly, and cannot be planned too far ahead. Yes, painting an appealing post card destination lying far ahead is beneficial, but it won’t make the road that will eventually take you there any less windy.

Doing goal setting right is about consistently applying newly gained insights and learnings to your processes and using those to set improved goals that will make you reach your post card destination. The following six steps will help your company set the right goals in order to become goal-driven and successful.

Write Your Goals Down

Start by creating a list of the biggest goals you have as a business. The very act of writing them down helps you to really think about what you want to achieve. As you refine your goal - backspace some parts and add others - your goal becomes ‘a living thing’. It sets your goal in motion.

Cut Your Goals Up

Cutting down your overarching goals into subsections makes them appear more achievable. Then, break them down even more, into smaller “sprintable goals” that have three to four week deadlines. Think of this like the way you approach eating a melon. You cut it into smaller, chewable pieces.

Find Your Focus

After you’ve written down a list of sprintable goals, it’s essential that you focus only on what is most essential. Trying to focus on too many goals at once will quickly become overwhelming and keep you from getting anything accomplished. In general, it’s recommended that you focus on a maximum of four to six goals, which you can aim to finalize with a deadline in the near future. Typically, sprintable goals work best for this type of focus, though quarterly goals may be more suitable in some cases.

Make Your Goals SMART

We’ve all heard about the SMART acronym, encouraging us to make goals specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. By making your goals fit the SMART acronym, you force yourself to better specify what it is you need to achieve and will likely be able to develop new insights simply by trying to fit these parameters.

Map Your Goals

Once you’ve established focused, SMART goals, the next step is to map them out in an overview and share the relevant details to any team members or suppliers who you depend on for the goal’s success. This way, everyone will be on the same page and working for the same results.

Review and Adjust

Finally, continue to check your goal results and adjust your estimates for the remaining efforts required to reach the remaining goals as needed. Often, this means you’ll need to add or remove sprintable goals based on new insights and results you’ve acquired. Only by consistently applying newly gained insights to your new subgoals will you be able to achieve the overarching goals you started with.

Try it yourself - make stuff happen!

Here’s how you can incorporate all 6 goal setting tricks in your daily routine.

Becoming a strategic goal setting master has never been this easy.