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Hasse Jansen, 19 Jan '16

Agile Marketing - 18 Mind-Blowing Stats

Agile Marketing works. The performance numbers from early adopters of Agile Marketing prove it. Here is a list of mind-blowing Agile Marketing stats.

• 20% of CMOs say they already use some form of Agile

• 65% of CMOs heard about it and are considering using it.

• 100% growth in the search volume for ‘Agile Marketing’ over the last two years 

More and more marketers are starting to recognize the value of Agile Marketing. We are at the brink of mass adoption. Here are some compelling reasons why you should join the party.

Because you want to increase profits

• 67% of CMOs say Agile increases revenue and profit.

• 25% higher profits are realized by highly Agile executives.

Because you want to increase productivity

• 96% of Non-Agile marketers want to do more with the same team.

• 87% of Agile marketers are already more productive.

• 80% of CMOs using Agile increase the velocity of delivered work.

• 97% of companies capable of handling many large projects simultaneously have an adaptive process.

Because you want to respond fast to changing market conditions

• 88% of Non-Agile marketers want to improve time-to-market.

• 93% of Agile marketers have reduced time-to-market already.

• 93% of companies with 10% or more growth report improvement in fast adaption.

Because the traditional marketing plan is not working anymore

• 69% of marketing leaders say the change of pace makes annual planning challenging.

• 58% of marketing initiatives take more than six months to take to market.

• 23% of requirements change during a project regardless of whether the project is traditional or Agile.

• 93% of CMOs using Agile can switch gears more quickly.

Because your Agile competitors start to scare you

• 75% of marketers are concerned about the impact of threats from more Agile existing competitors.

And to top it off, Agile can improve employee satisfaction 30%. An Agile marketer is a happier marketer.