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Frans Riemersma, 24 Aug '16

10 Social Media Strategy Templates for Starters

Social Media Strategy templates help marketers master ‘social’ quickly. Take a four minute crash course to discover which social strategy is best for you. 

93% of online shoppers depend on social media to make their buying decisions. So you’d better make sure your social media strategy is a masterpiece. But how?

A decent 54% of B2B marketers have managed to generate leads from social media, but no less than 83% of marketers say figuring out how to target customers is ‘a big concern’.

There are just so many things to take into account. The social media landscape is huge and it is changing increasingly quickly. You may be tempted to fall back to a “whatever works” type of ‘strategy’, if you haven’t already. But there is an easier yet better way.

Don’t just wing it and hope for the best. To get your social media strategy organized, the first thing to do is use a template. Some respectable and exciting companies have done the hard part for you. They’ve already invented the wheel for you. All you have to do is choose your favorite template and stick to it.

To give you a jump-start, we listed the most useful social media templates available today. It’s a simple list to give you an oversight of what’s available in minutes. You’ll quickly discover which one suits your needs best.

The list features only simple content marketing execution checklists that outline how and in which order to best execute tasks. The list does not go into detail about which particular content marketing goals and hierachy between those goals you could or should pursue. There is a clear difference between the two, you know.

Ready to make your social media strategy the masterpiece it can and should be? Do it naoughw!

Social media strategy template Quick Reference Guide

We’ve listed every template’s main components and briefly explain what makes each one of them stand out, so you’ll know which one is best for you.

Buffer: “How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch”

1: Choose your social networks

2: Fill out your profiles completely

3: Find your voice and tone

4: Pick your posting strategy

5: Analyze and test

6: Automate and engage

This template is particularly visual and pleasant to read through. Infographic included. All listed attributes are described in detail and backed up by relevant data.

Entrepreneur: “How to Build a Social-Media Strategy That Works”

1: Understand your goals

2: Create measurable objectives

3: Characterize your customers

4: Look at the competition

5: Develop your messages

6: Choose your channels

7: Build a content plan

This template really starts at the beginning, picking the right social media goals. Which is great. However, it doesn’t go into much detail in any of the listed stages.

Social Media Pilot: “9 Tips to Define Better Social Media Strategy for Your Business“

1: Recognize your business goals

2: Know who your target audience or end-users are

3: Never underestimate your competitors

4: Pick and choose the channels wisely

5: Have a well-etched content strategy

6: Utilize a social media management tool effectively

7: Manage your resources wisely

8: Have an action plan ready

9: Don’t go overboard with your social media activity

This template mentions managing resources and marketing ROI more than other templates. Otherwise, nothing shocking and just a solid effort.

Hootsuite: “How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan In 6 Steps”

1: Create social media objectives and goals

2: Conduct a social media audit

3: Create or improve your social accounts

4: Get social media inspiration from industry leaders, competitors, clients

5: Create a content plan and editorial calendar

6: Test, evaluate and adjust your social media marketing plan

This template puts great emphasis on auditing and improving upon current activities. They also emphasize taking stock of what works well for competitors. It’s a no brainer, when you read it, but one that’s easy to forget.

Entrepreneur: “Adopting a Winning Social Strategy”

1: Decide On an Objective

2: Create Buyer Personas

3: Update Your Accounts

4: Create Separate Strategies for Each Channel

5: Develop an Editorial Calendar

This template becomes particularly specific about separate channel strategies. It explains why a successful message on LinkedIn may not work on Facebook.

Sproutsocial: “7 Steps in Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy”

1: Ensure Social Goals Solve Challenges

2: Extend Efforts Throughout Your Organization

3: Focus on Networks That Add Value

4: Create Engaging Content

5: Identify Business Opportunities Through Social

6: Engage Instead of Ignore

7: Track, Improve and Market Your Efforts

This template focuses on solving some particular social media challenges. It also describes how to get every single department on board and aligned when rolling out a new social media strategy.

Cloudnames: “How to make a Social Media Marketing plan”

1: Set your goals

2: Audit your current state

3: Choose social media channels

4: Build your SMM team

5: Understand your customers needs

6: Prepare your website and online tools

7: Create a publishing plan

8: Analyse, evaluate and test

9: Automate and scale

This template emphasizes… ehm, nothing in particular.  Call it generic, or call it well rounded. I’m leaning towards the latter. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Hubspot: “How to Create a Sensible Social Media Strategy for Your Business“

1: Define your target audience

2: Start blogging

3: Create educational content

4: Focus on a few key social channels

5: Develop a recipe card to guide you

6: Measure your results

7: Adjust your tactics

This template includes Whole Brain Group’s channel specific social media checklists you can print and use offline.

Entrepreneur: “The Right (and Wrong) Way to Do Social Media”

1: Select the right channels

2: Optimize for platforms

3: Use visuals

4: Vary your content 

5: Share at optimum times

6: Don’t spam news feeds

This template is (originally) written in a ‘right vs wrong’ format. It also lists tips on how to not be boring on social media, which makes for an un-boring article.

HBR: “Fix your social media strategy by taking it back to basics”

1: Define the status quo

2: Listen to your target audience

3: Create social media content that drives engagement

4: Link marketing goals to social media KPIs

In itself, this template won’t really surprise anybody. But, the quite wordy ‘template’ does link out to many more social media strategy articles on Reserve some time to get lost in a huge network of social media strategy related articles to really get to grips with the subject.

Don’t just read a post on social media strategies, nod in agreement and then not use any of them. You now have an overview of what’s on offer. It’s time to pick your favorite and make stuff happen.