Where we come from.

How to create a strategic view on marketing operations?

This is the central question in the book we published in 2008. It is based on our experiences in marketing transformation projects for world-class brands.

After numerous MarTech implementations, SteerCo's and ConCalls, we can say that a MarTech project is not about marketing or technology. It is about change.

Companies need to connect strategy to execution, align ideas from boardroom to scrum board and vice versa.

It has been an interesting ride so far, but the future will be even more so. We just cannot wait for the things to come.

The rate of change will be massive!

Where we are going.

The future is agile. Change is the natural state of business. Companies will unlock agility by allowing individuals and teams to organize themselves and their tools.

All employees will know how they can contribute to the bigger goal, collaborate purposefully and avoid being busy with just "stuff".

Marketers will be value driven instead of task driven, and will go beyond the burn down chart to show sustainable growth.

Teams select their MarTech per project, without having to spend time on implementation or training. B2B tools will be as easy to use as B2C tools.

With these concepts in mind we started Boardview. To help you to get the most value from MarTech. We are ready.

Romek Jansen


It is my goal to maximize the impact of marketing. A clean design or smart business model can make me euphoric.

Frans Riemersma


Value creation fascinates me. And so do the methods to get there, like Lean, Agile and Switch.

Hasse Jansen

Business Analyst

Inclined to become (overly) philosophical about things. I love thinking critically and laterally to come up with valuable new ideas. It makes me feel alive.

Kasper Meilgaard

Lead Developer

Data is everything, and keeping it secure and private is priority number one. Proper systems design and quality code makes me happy.

Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra

UX Designer/Art Director

Always looking for a flawless user experience. Concept realisation, and transforming ideas into designs is the most fun part of my job.

Rod Austin

Growth Hacker

Helping startups throughout their growth stages. I Like the design, sales and marketing aspects of doing business in the digital world.

MarTech consultant and strategist

Huib Stad

Business Development

MarTech lover. I am convinced that MarTech stacks allow marketers to be marketers again, focusing on strategy, creative and revenue.

MarTech consultant and strategist

Silvia Longo

MarTech Consultant and Research Analyst

Helping marketers with their MarTech stacks. I have a strong affinity with Accounting  and Business Management processes. I have always been characterized by a high degree of ambition and commitment in everything I do.

MarTech consultant and strategist

Carla Nora Escribens

Marketing Technology Research Analyst

Love to find the best MarTech tools for marketers. I am analytical, creative and a goal driven marketeer with passion.

MarTech consultant

Mounir Yakhlef

MarTech Consultant and Research Analyst

Supporting marketers to design and build their MarTech stacks. With experience in many industries I like building stacks that cater for many different specific marketing use cases.