08 Dec '15
Communicate Your Strategy in 3 Popular Ways

46% of companies have no strategy execution process in place. Learn how the rest uses 9 ways to successfully communicate a strategy and goals.

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04 Dec '15
6 Fundamental Differences Between Agile Development and Agile Marketing

Do not simply “copy & paste” all Agile development principles to Marketing without making the necessary adjustments for their new habitat.

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01 Dec '15
11 Persona Templates for Starters and Where to Download

Personas help marketers to create better content and customer experiences. Take a five minute crash course and check these 11 remarkable Persona templates out.

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26 Nov '15
7 Things Persona Templates Tell You to Fill Out

What are the common elements of Persona templates? Our research shows there are 7 key items.

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18 Nov '15
5 Simple Building Blocks to Create Rock-Solid Marketing Objectives

71% of the marketing objectives are incomplete. Use this simple checklist to make your marketing plan, goals and objectives rock solid.

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12 Nov '15
Goal Management Methods - A 5-minute Crash Course on 5 Classics

There are many ways to set goals and to manage goals. We selected 5 popular ones for a closer look; MBO, OGSM, SMART, KPI and OKR.

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10 Nov '15
Goal-Setting - How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes

Save 20%-40% of your operational marketing resources. Start aligning your strategic goals with tactical and operational objectives. Avoid these 5 mistakes.

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02 Nov '15
How to Find the Needle in the MarTech Stack

The market for marketing technology can be overwhelming. These three overviews set you off in the right direction to build your long list of vendors.

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01 Nov '15
What Marketers Should Learn From Triathletes

Like a Triathlon, Marketing is a multisport. Here are three valuable lessons you can learn to reach an extreme goal, lying far beyond the horizon.

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