21 Jan '16
Hey Agile Marketer, How Many Teams Are You In?

Agile marketers tend to participate in numerous scrum teams per sprint. Here is why you should never join more than six at the same time.

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19 Jan '16
Agile Marketing - 18 Mind-Blowing Stats

Agile Marketing works. The performance numbers from early adopters of Agile Marketing prove it. Here is a list of mind-blowing Agile Marketing stats.

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14 Jan '16
Maximize the Agile Marketing Effect; Tweak the User Story

Not all Agile Marketers see the benefits of a User Story. Make your User Story effective and Powerful with this simple tweak.

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07 Jan '16
Collaboration Tools - Do They Drive Productivity, or Create Noise?

Without prioritization and alignment of goals, collaborative business environments can drain resources and lead to your weekends going to waste.

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06 Jan '16
Defining SMART Goals - What Does the SMART Acronym Stand For?

How to define SMART goals? Here is a quick and easy overview of the different variants. Discover your favorite and formulate perfect SMART goals in minutes.

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31 Dec '15
The DNA of a Trustworthy KPI

There are 14 essential attributes of a KPI you need to specify and maintain to make them reliable for your decision-making.

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24 Dec '15
3 Things You Can Learn From 21 MarTech Stacks

Which vendor to pick for your MarTech stack? In one year the amount of MarTech vendors grew with 51% to 1,876. Learn how 21 other marketers composed their stacks.

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22 Dec '15
How to Define Agile Marketing Success

In Agile Development the main question is “Did we deliver the features?” In Agile Marketing it should be “Did we change customer behavior?”

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18 Dec '15
How to Report to Management in Agile Marketing

Simplify reporting to management while speaking the language of management. Use the Definition of Success syntax to blow your manager away.

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